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Miyah The Clipperista

Miyah, the Clipperista, is a licensed Master Barber. She coined the term Clipperista in 2019, as a young woman entering the industry. She knew the importance of self-care, so she set out to create a spa-like grooming experience that would shine a light on self-care. The Clipperista knows that through proper understanding, a healthy grooming routine will help improve confidence and contribute to her clients overall wellbeing. 

Miyah's barbering roots began in Minnesota, when she obtained credentials from Moler Barber School on the Eastside of St Paul. She has two children. As a single mother, with a son, she was inspired to learn how to cut hair.  They ignite her drive to be the best in her field. 

In 2023, Miyah founded Millionaire-Mane Barber Lounge, a unique upscale barber lounge located in the heart of Tempe, Arizona.

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Celebrity Barber

Miyah continues to set and raise the bar for barbering, not only for herself but for others in the industry as well. She believes that hustle and heart will always set her apart. 


Her skills and passion led her to servicing celebrities like:

Nelly, Rap Artist

Deion Sanders (Prime Time), Former NFL Player & Coach

Nate Burleson, Former NFL Hall-of-Famer

Desi Banks, Comedian & Internet Sensation 

Along with other NBA and NFL Pro athletes


This has allowed her work to be seen on CBS News, Good Morning America, and Nickelodeon. Most recently, during the 2023 Super Bowl LVII, Miyah had a guest appearance on Lebron James' HBO show “The Shop: Uninterrupted.”

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