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FAQs & Policies

  • Late Arrivals
    Thanks To you all, I am often booked. Being a quality over Quantity barber, Appts are usually set to 1 hour to ensure that I deliver the best haircut experience, I have allocated the necessary time to complete each service. Please be mindful that things do happen, traffic etc but arriving on time for your scheduled appointment ensures time to comfortably complete your service. I cannot complete any service if a client arrives more than 15 minutes late, and reserve the right to decline any service to a client who is more than 15 minutes late to the appt. Once again, please do your due diligence to be Prompt, I can not stress this enough. I respect all parties time that I encounter. You are allocated a 10 Min Grace Period. After 10 mins there will be a $10 Fee added to the Balance, and after 15 mins I reserve the right to cancel at 100% payment.
  • Scheduled Appointments
    Please book accordingly by reading the service description to ensure you are booking the Appropriate service. I am time based service provider so please be sure to add "add-ons" to the appt if needed. in ex. designs, hair wash etc and if you are unsure Please Reach out to 623-473-6844. It is suggested that you come with your hair fully washed with no grease, oils, or dirt that can damage tools or be considered unhygenic unless The shampoo is added on or i am subject to require a wash add on. Please limit your guests to a minimum unless They are to be serviced.
  • Cancellations
    Cancellation within 24 hours & No call No shows are Subject to penalty fees of the FULL price of your service. There is no “Reschedule” within a 24 hour window. You will receive an email/text message a day before your scheduled appointment. The Online booking service will allow you to cancel your appointments and make adjustments necessary.
  • No Call No Show
    No Call No show will result in 100% payment. Reimbursement for a declined card after a no show/late cancel will be required within 48 hours. Payments not received within 48 hours will forfeit all future appts.
  • Why do I need to provide my credit/debit card?
    We require a valid card on file to secure all appointments. Your card will not be charged unless you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment time or do not show up for your appointment. In the event of a late cancellation or no-show, your card will be charged. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in keeping our schedule running smoothly.
  • What forms of payment are accepted?
    We accept cash, Zelle, card payments , Apple Pay, and digital services like cash app ($3 service fee applied) as forms of payment. We also offer online payment options for our clients' convenience. If you have any questions about payment options, feel free to contact us.
  • Where is Millionaire Mane located?
    600 W. 1st Street Ste. 1043, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (behind the Skywater at Town Lake building)


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