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Thanks To you all, I am often booked back to back. Being a quality over Quantity barber, to ensure that I deliver the best possible haircut, I've allocated the necessary time to complete each service. arriving on time for your scheduled appointment insures the proper time necessary for me to comfortably complete your services. I cannot complete any services if a client arrives more than 15 minutes late, and reserve the right to decline any service to a client who is more than 10-15 minutes late to the appt.

Once again, PLEASE BE ON TIME, I can not stress this enough. I respect all parties time that I encounter. You are allocated a 5 Min Grace Period. After 10 mins there will a $10 Fee added to the Balance, and at 15 mins I reserve the right to cancel at 100% payment.

Miyah's Barber studio located In Tempe, Arizona. Inside of the Palette Collective Building. Suite # 42. The Clipperista has a Creative Design suite which means these are Private Appointments Only, so we ask To Keep Your Guests to a minimum.


Miyah's Barber Studio Strives to create the best barber experience. While I do understand that circumstances may arise that will require cancellation of an appointment, the following policies are in place to ensure that I can accommodate all valued clients as efficiently and effectively as possible given the limited amount of available appointments per week.

Scheduled appointments: please book accordingly. read the service descriptions to ensure you are booking the Appropriate service. I am time based please be sure to add "add-ons" to the appt if needed. (in ex. designs, hair wash)


Cancellation within 24 hours & No call No shows are Subject to penalty fees of the FULL price of your service. There is no “Reschedule” within a 24 hour window. You will receive a email/text message a day or so before your scheduled appointment. The Online booking service will allow you to cancel your appointments as necessary.

No Call No show will result in 100% payment. Reimbursement for a declined card after a no show/late cancel will be required within 48 hours. Payments not received within 48 hours will forfeit all future appts.


  • Why book with a credit/ debit card? Your card is applied to properly hold your appointment. Any cancellations and No shows will result in the Card being charged. IT IS NOT A FORM OF PAYMENT, only a hold on file.


  • Location: 7720 S. Priest Rd. Suite 42 (inside palette collective building)

  • What is parking like? It is a free lot for parking

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