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Miyahs barber studio was founded in 2021. Given Her Master Barber License in 2019, a Young Woman with Hustle and Heart that set her Apart. She has 2 kids that Pushed The Drive….mainly a Son that truly inspired her to Cut hair as a single mother that was unaware of barbershop activity’s so she decided to learn herself. She has gained a passion to speak and inspire greatness to others. She knew she Had a Personable, good spirit and witty humorous talent to make others comfortable with the ability to leave positive impacts. Mainly She has also sought out to be One of the best barbers, to focus on hair education, and product knowledge. The Roots Began in Minnesota With credentials from Moler Barber School on the Eastside of St Paul. She has then Uprooted and grounded herself to Tempe Arizona. Since then she also has Gone on to cut All kinds of High Profile clients, such as Rap star Nelly, ESPN/CBS sports anchor Nate burleson, NBA/ NFL and Even The Social Media Sensation and comedian Desi Banks to name a few.

Miyah the clipperista Offers a Wide-Array of Grooming Services, she combines passion, skill and knowledge to give you your best appearance and Stronger confidence guaranteed. Her goal is to Give a One Of a Kind experience of luxury and bring back proper self care of men.

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